8 Links Interflora Wouldn’t have Without being Slapped by Google

I don’t think the recent Interflora Google hammering needs any further explanation – there’s already a dozen or so floating around on the internet, which is great news (red faces aside) for Interflora.

You see, there’s a benefit in publicity within an industry that thrives on being the first with the scoop and “schooling” it to their benefit. From the moment the Interflora story broke, SEOs across the web went out to make sure their blog was covering the news, or making some effort to explain what had happened.

Lo and behold, here’s 8 fairly decent SEO and marketing-related links that Interflora not only wouldn’t have without an SEO meltdown, but probably would have never got – no matter how many bouquets they sent out in the post*.

Between those 8 domains, that adds up to a total of page rank 37 and 465 in domain authority.

So what’s the lesson here? Obviously, I don’t suggest that you go and get slapped down by Google to build links – that would be silly. But as the saying goes; “all publicity is good publicity”.

*According to links indexed by MajesticSEO since 20th February 2013.

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