Link Love London 2012 : Blow by Blow

It was never my intention to blog an account of Distilled’s Link Love conference. I thought it would be interesting to take a few pictures and offer them to those who were blogging the event, but the idea of writing it up didn’t appeal at all. After all plenty of other people would be writing up the event and most of those wouldn’t be as reluctant bloggers as myself. None the less here I am.

Link Love London

What went wrong right

Firstly, my photos were a bit crap. I’m reasonably handy with a camera, but I’m more used to 15 minute exposures on a cold coast somewhere in near darkness, not papping from a distance with a long lens in a softly lit room. Frankly shooting anything that moves is a bit new to me. OK, I have pictures (and you are welcome to use them – see below), but they were not what I was hoping.

More importantly though I took a lot of notes, and I mean a lot of notes. Depite not exactly being new to this game I came away with a staggering 36 pages of notes from my day at Distilled’s link building event. As I started writing them up for my own reference it struck me that others might find some of the notes useful.

So here it is, the high-definition, blow by blow account of Link Love. This isn’t my usual thing at all, so I’d appreciate any feedback (good, bad or “meh”) through the comments. Continue reading

Social Sharing : Branko Rihtman

This is part 3 of my blow by blow account of Link Love London 2012, featuring a full run down of each presentation.

Branko - Search Scientist

Social Media and Links : The Love Story (with numbers)

Branko Rihtman : SEO Scientist @neyne

After the corporate polish of Rand and the laid back charisma of Mike King, Branko’s presentation brought a change of pace. It seemed that playtime was over and the maths lesson had begun. Branko applies scientific principals to SEO. You only need to look at the mass of charts and tables he includes in every blog post to know that he isn’t just working on “hunch”. Mid-morning brain food – good stuff.

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Quantifying Outreach : Mike King Link Love 2012

This is part 2 of my blow by blow account of Link Love London 2012, featuring a full run down of each presentation.

Mike King : Link Love London 2012

Quantifying Outreach. What we learned from analysing 300,000 Outreach Emails

Mike King : iAcquire @ipullrank

Mike King’s presentation was just about as actionable as presentations can get. Anyone who didn’t come away from this with solid take-aways of how to do better is either a genius or just doesn’t do outreach. Mike is now Director of Inbound at iAcquire. As part of that role he was been working of a study of 300,000 outreach emails to analyse what results in engagement and eventually links. Mike’s Link Love presentation (slide deck here) was a charismatic and witty presentation of key points from the results of that study. The full report is also available to download  from iAcquire.

I don’t want to just reproduce a watered down version of the study here, so instead are a few key points to whet your appetite, after which you can just go off and download the whole thing.

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F%$#! Link Building : Rand Fishkin Link Love 2012

This is the first of my blow by blow account of Link Love London 2012, in what I hope will be a nine or ten part roundup of my take-aways from Distilled Link Love 2012. I’ll be running through one session at a time, giving my key points, links to the relevant resources and a little of my own take on things.


Rand Fishkin. Link Love 2012

F%$#! Link Building (Content Marketing FTW)

Rand Fishkin : SEOmoz @randfish

Rand’s presentation (see deck here) was almost a “state of search” round-up which then led in to more actionable material. The presentation also served as a good introduction to the rest of the day, putting most of what followed in to the frame of why such approaches are a smart way forward. The following are some of key points from the 3 pages of notes I took during his presentation. I’m rather unstructured in my note-taking,and I’ve deliberately not referred back to the slide-deck yet in order to maintain the emphasis I took from the day, so don’t worry if things don’t seem to tie up.

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Basecamp vs Teamwork PM : Why we packed up camp and moved

When Basecamp announced the release of “new basecamp” I have to admit that I was quite excited.  I haven’t been a fulltime basecamp user for all that long, but it was definitely long enough to experience its shortcomings.  New Basecamp looks good. In particular it looks like they have tackled the user interface in a way that might stop you feeling swamped by your projects. However there is one massive shortfall for me:  New Basecamp has no time-tracking Continue reading

Google Doodles and Self-Referential SERPs

I used to love Google Doodles, those cutesy Google  logos to celebrate days that our Google overlords deemed special.  The appearance of a Doodle always sparks curiosity in to what is being celebrated. Some are obvious, some less so. However the answer is only a click away…. well, was.

The problem is that Google Doodles generate a big spike in traffic on one narrow term, which makes those terms desirable to rank for.  So what happens when, previously uncompetitive terms, suddenly generated an estimated 2 million* or more clicks?

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Get a Grip on Google+

I was quite happy to try and ignore Google+ for a few more weeks.  Twitter and Facebook & a few niche sites take up more than enough of my time and, like most people, I wasn’t exactly crying out for another social network to worry about.

Of course, as a marketer, I’d dabbled on Google+.  I’d spent just enough time on it to know that I didn’t need to spend more yet. I knew enough to answer clients questions and understood that my clients customers weren’t yet utilising it heavily.

Enter Search Plus Your World

With SPYW (Which thanks to the suggestion from GetElastic, I will hereby be pronouncing “Spew”), suddenly making Google+ more relevant I am now undergoing a crash course to get up to speed.

Thinking that I probably wouldn’t be the only person going through this at the moment I thought I would share the useful resources that I used to do that crash course. If they do, feel free to add me to your circles. Continue reading

Google CDN gets blocked… and how to fix the problem

OpenDNS Blocks GoogleDNS provider to the masses, OpenDNS have today blocked as phishing site. The result of this is hundreds of thousands of sites throwing up errors to users of OpenDNS (of which there are many).  It looks like this is an issue surrounding the SSL on googleapis, but similar problems have happened with the big Content Delivery Networks in the past.

If, like us, you found yourself scrabbling around switching CDNs today, then you might be thinking about a fallback solution. We’ve opted to move over to Microsofts offering with a fallback to in the unlikely event that it is unavailable.

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