Bare Faced Link Building

I love a bit of bare faced link building. When I read those with glowing white hats talk about the slow romancing of a prospect I can’t help think that there is still a place in the world for a drunken quickie behind the bins, or in this case for an upfront “fancy a shag?” type request.

Offering stuff for free to bloggers is a well established route to a link. Most usually this takes the form of researching niche blogs, outreach to offer “PR Samples” and the carefully worded communication that it is a link that is wanted. Not so for one firm of balls-out link builders and makers of door signs. They’ve gone straight for the kill and put up a page offering free signs for bloggers.

I’m sure that’ll set off the paid link alarms for some, but in fairness they do not appear to be stipulating followed links.  They are also suggesting disclosure, so it could well be a totally white hat exercise. Frankly I don’t care.

If I were doing this I would tackle it slightly differently. I’d probably remove the anchor text examples to ensure a more natural link profile. If the scheme did suddenly take off in popularity they could find themselves hitting Penguin penalties quite quickly.  If they REALLY felt the need to control incoming anchors I’d possibly suggest using some spinning type logic to a random anchor for each visitor, possibly saving their suggestion as a cookie or in a database against their IP address – something which has worked well for me in the past I understand can be useful.

So anyway, here is the sign I ordered. A friend was looking for a new name for the recently expanded online marketing department in their firm and I suggested the following. I thought I would buy them a sign.  However as the store’s checkout wasn’t working when I tried to order I’ve resorted to blogging to try to get it!

SPAM department

SPAM department

Anyone got any similar bare faced link building examples?


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