Get Your IFTTT Twitter Recipes Back

So this morning finally came the dreaded news I got an email about last week; IFTTT’s Twitter recipes no longer work.

Twitter have stopped IFTTT accessing their APIs, and it only takes a quick search around the social networks to see people are a bit PIFTTT off about it (HAR HAR HAR). I can see why too, it’s a great way to track your niche, discover new sale leads, build relationships and everything in between.

But don’t look so sad, there’s a fix! You can still get all your Twitter alerts and do as you please with them. Let me tell you how…

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Get a Grip on Google+

I was quite happy to try and ignore Google+ for a few more weeks.  Twitter and Facebook & a few niche sites take up more than enough of my time and, like most people, I wasn’t exactly crying out for another social network to worry about.

Of course, as a marketer, I’d dabbled on Google+.  I’d spent just enough time on it to know that I didn’t need to spend more yet. I knew enough to answer clients questions and understood that my clients customers weren’t yet utilising it heavily.

Enter Search Plus Your World

With SPYW (Which thanks to the suggestion from GetElastic, I will hereby be pronouncing “Spew”), suddenly making Google+ more relevant I am now undergoing a crash course to get up to speed.

Thinking that I probably wouldn’t be the only person going through this at the moment I thought I would share the useful resources that I used to do that crash course. If they do, feel free to add me to your circles. Continue reading