Google Analytics Primer

Not sure what is happening this week on GeekyScribbles, with the sudden rush of posts.  However, here comes number 3 of the week.

I am part of a Google+ community called UK Website Owners & Managers, which tries to offer a few tips and pointers to those running websites.  One request that has come up there a few times recently is for a quick introduction in to Google Analytics.  In answer to that I’ve produced this quick primer screencast.  It’s pretty basic, but hopefully gives a friendly introduction to Google Analytics to those who haven’t made it past the audience overview screen.


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Get Your IFTTT Twitter Recipes Back

So this morning finally came the dreaded news I got an email about last week; IFTTT’s Twitter recipes no longer work.

Twitter have stopped IFTTT accessing their APIs, and it only takes a quick search around the social networks to see people are a bit PIFTTT off about it (HAR HAR HAR). I can see why too, it’s a great way to track your niche, discover new sale leads, build relationships and everything in between.

But don’t look so sad, there’s a fix! You can still get all your Twitter alerts and do as you please with them. Let me tell you how…

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WinDirStat & The Mystery of the Missing Drive Space

Last night my beloved ThinkPad, which is only a few months old, started complaining about lack of disk space. Whilst I know I can be a bit of a hoarder, I shouldn’t really have used 500GB since Christmas, so it was looking like a clean-up was in order.

Cleaning up come local backups solved the immediate problem. However I was still using a lot more space that I really should be, even given that I do synchronise parts of the work network to my laptop for remote working. So where was the space going? Continue reading

Basecamp vs Teamwork PM : Why we packed up camp and moved

When Basecamp announced the release of “new basecamp” I have to admit that I was quite excited.  I haven’t been a fulltime basecamp user for all that long, but it was definitely long enough to experience its shortcomings.  New Basecamp looks good. In particular it looks like they have tackled the user interface in a way that might stop you feeling swamped by your projects. However there is one massive shortfall for me:  New Basecamp has no time-tracking Continue reading