Get Your IFTTT Twitter Recipes Back

So this morning finally came the dreaded news I got an email about last week; IFTTT’s Twitter recipes no longer work.

Twitter have stopped IFTTT accessing their APIs, and it only takes a quick search around the social networks to see people are a bit PIFTTT off about it (HAR HAR HAR). I can see why too, it’s a great way to track your niche, discover new sale leads, build relationships and everything in between.

But don’t look so sad, there’s a fix! You can still get all your Twitter alerts and do as you please with them. Let me tell you how…

  • Twitter has RSS feeds.
    • Search:
    • Tweets:
    • Favorites:
  • Create a new IFTTT, select the big orange RSS square, whack the address into the feed URL.
  • Set your action to whichever you require.
  • Sit back and think smugly to yourself that you just beat Twitter.

Of course, it would have been great if IFTTT had kept my old Twitter recipes saved in a stagnant state rather than deleting them, but hey ho.

Here’s a recipe example that I have set up today to track tweeters upset about IFTTT so I can link them to this very page. Feel free to use it as a template.

13 thoughts on “Get Your IFTTT Twitter Recipes Back

  1. I agree, Genius post. And I think the concept of tracking tweeters for when they tweet about a topic related to your post is pretty brilliant as well. Great use of the technology! I’m tweeting this post right now…

  2. Thanks Daniel! I’m still testing to get the tweet to push to an FB page, it doesn’t seem to work right now and I want to assume it’s just a delay. If not, fiddling around with it some more should work :)

  3. Note that Twitter is killing off support for RSS feeds on 5 March 2013 (see discussion here which is a bit bloomin’ annoying as this is a very useful workaround, even if it will only last for six months.

    Mentions are

    If you use two words to search you need to use %20 to replace the space between them and if you search for a hashtag you need to add %23 to the URL eg %23ifttt not #ifttt

    I’ve also found other solutions still emails me tweets of interest (not favourites though, haven’t worked out how to get it to do that – just ‘my’ tweets or someone else’s, tweets sent to me (or someone else) or searched for tweets) and the Opera browser has quite a nifty inbuilt RSS reader that holds onto things pretty well. I’ve been testing that for about a week or so and it works fine – but of course will stop in six months.

    Have blogged about it here too

    Nice idea to use IFTTT & Twitter RSS to point the annoyed here :D


    • Hi Jo, sorry for the late reply. My notifications on the comments were borked. Kind of ironic all things considered!

      I did see you had posted about the Twitter/IFTTT fiasco shortly after I wrote this piece and started plugging away on Twitter.

      I found when you enter the RSS feed in the address bar of your browser (I never set up an RSS alert without checking the feed works first) and add the search term to the as it appears Twitter changes it to %[number] automatically. I debated including the replacement terms but figured it’d be easier to leave it out.

      I’m hoping by March someone will have figured out a way around the RSS being removed from Twitter. There’s still a few months to go, and with such a demand for these alerts I’m hoping someone will make a tool before that day.

      The main hurdle I had with this in terms of people asking questions is the link extractor the old IFTTT Twitter alert used to have. I wasn’t sure if you could do a double trigger (another trigger on IFTTT is able to extract URLs and then another trigger forwards the link where it needs to be) but I didn’t have the spare time I look into it more on the day. I mainly use IFTTT for discovering link/networking/PR opportunities and relevant news alerts so these workarounds are just as good as the old triggers for me, but I know some people were heavily relevant on IFTTT to link up their social accounts.

      And as for using my trigger to find people and push them here, you have to practice what you preach ;) I did first see your post as you were on Twitter playing a similar tactic to myself on the day this was posted! Out of curiosity did you have a similar alert going?


  4. Does this still work? I setup a channel to do this and it worked for about a day. Now the logs on IFTTT show a general feed error, but I can still view the feed manually. Sounds like it may be getting blocked by Twitter.

    • Hi Ryan,

      I had an alert through at 11pm GMT today. I have noticed recently when setting feeds up that you need to go https rather than http. Try that and let me know how you get on. Will update the post to reflect this doing some tests.

  5. This post is something I’ve been looking for…for WEEKS. You have it all here. Thank you so much. I don’t know why these feeds are so damn hard to access. The post is a MAJOR lift to my ability to track some important information. Thanks!

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