Get Your IFTTT Twitter Recipes Back

So this morning finally came the dreaded news I got an email about last week; IFTTT’s Twitter recipes no longer work.

Twitter have stopped IFTTT accessing their APIs, and it only takes a quick search around the social networks to see people are a bit PIFTTT off about it (HAR HAR HAR). I can see why too, it’s a great way to track your niche, discover new sale leads, build relationships and everything in between.

But don’t look so sad, there’s a fix! You can still get all your Twitter alerts and do as you please with them. Let me tell you how…

  • Twitter has RSS feeds.
    • Search:
    • Tweets:
    • Favorites:
  • Create a new IFTTT, select the big orange RSS square, whack the address into the feed URL.
  • Set your action to whichever you require.
  • Sit back and think smugly to yourself that you just beat Twitter.

Of course, it would have been great if IFTTT had kept my old Twitter recipes saved in a stagnant state rather than deleting them, but hey ho.

Here’s a recipe example that I have set up today to track tweeters upset about IFTTT so I can link them to this very page. Feel free to use it as a template.


Daniel Callis works in Digital Marketing at OKO. Outside of the 9 to 5 job he also makes films under the name Callis Makes Films.