Google Doodles and Self-Referential SERPs

I used to love Google Doodles, those cutesy Google  logos to celebrate days that our Google overlords deemed special.  The appearance of a Doodle always sparks curiosity in to what is being celebrated. Some are obvious, some less so. However the answer is only a click away…. well, was.

The problem is that Google Doodles generate a big spike in traffic on one narrow term, which makes those terms desirable to rank for.  So what happens when, previously uncompetitive terms, suddenly generated an estimated 2 million* or more clicks?

Below is a screen grab of the current SERPs I am seeing for [Akira Yoshizawa], the results that are linked from today’s doodle celebrating 101 years since the birth of the Grandfather of Origami. What I have done though is low-light those results that relate solely to the appearance of the doodle rather than the subject itself. ie, those results that would not have existed if Google hadn’t done the doodle today.

Rather minimalist isn’t it?

The results I have knocked back include:

  • 3 News results that headline on the appearance of the Doodle rather than the anniversary itself
  • 4 Organic results from news sites that again headline on the appearance of the doodle
  • 4 image results, all of which are images that have been added since the appearance of the doodle
  • A Youtube video result, again uploaded since the appearance of the Doodle and talking about the Doodle

So, What’s left?

  • Wikipedia page
  • A PDF (which is actually a rather good result)
  • A page on
Not great is it?

* Estimates of Google Doodle related traffic from How Much Traffic Does a Google Doodle Drive?

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