Link Love London 2012 : Blow by Blow

It was never my intention to blog an account of Distilled’s Link Love conference. I thought it would be interesting to take a few pictures and offer them to those who were blogging the event, but the idea of writing it up didn’t appeal at all. After all plenty of other people would be writing up the event and most of those wouldn’t be as reluctant bloggers as myself. None the less here I am.

Link Love London

What went wrong right

Firstly, my photos were a bit crap. I’m reasonably handy with a camera, but I’m more used to 15 minute exposures on a cold coast somewhere in near darkness, not papping from a distance with a long lens in a softly lit room. Frankly shooting anything that moves is a bit new to me. OK, I have pictures (and you are welcome to use them – see below), but they were not what I was hoping.

More importantly though I took a lot of notes, and I mean a lot of notes. Depite not exactly being new to this game I came away with a staggering 36 pages of notes from my day at Distilled’s link building event. As I started writing them up for my own reference it struck me that others might find some of the notes useful.

So here it is, the high-definition, blow by blow account of Link Love. This isn’t my usual thing at all, so I’d appreciate any feedback (good, bad or “meh”) through the comments.

The Speakers - Link Love London

The line up

Link Love Photos

I hope to have the rest of the photos processed and available as a download zip file in the next day or two. These will be free for anyone to use with an attribution link back here.  Leave a commentl or follow me @matbennett if you would like to be updated when these are available.



3 thoughts on “Link Love London 2012 : Blow by Blow

    • Yup – guilty. In retrospect maybe I should have just scanned them and saved myself a week of blogging. Might have been a few contentious points though. One of the notes I have in your section just says “bastard” and is double-underlined. That’s quite an endorsement.

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