LinkLove – The Inevitable Infographic

Distilled LinkLove InfographicWe don’t really do infographics, but inspired by the infographical exploits of Claire Stokoe we thought we’d give it a bash.  As with any SEO event, LinkLove had it’s own hashtag and created a flow of tweets throughout the day.  With a little help from Twixorbot, we analysed all the tweets using that hashtag during the day to see what we could learn.  The infographic above is that data distilled in to an easy to digest and hopefully informative form.

Please feel free to use this where and how you want.  A credit back to us at would be appreciated, but we probably won’t hunt you down for it. Get the full size version here

Distilled LinkLove Infographic


Infofail update: Due to circumstances well within our control*, we managed to rudely replace the avatars of @hannah_bo_banna  & @killer_bunnie with those of some twitter randoms in the original version of this infographic.  We hurriedly dialled up both the @killer_bunnie & @hannah_bo_banna levels and released this version of the same, but apparently this version still was not quite right .  See for yourself – it looks good to me. Version three has had all underserving randoms removed, evidence buried, witnesses shot and Hannah/Claire levels restored to their usual levels. Move along… nothing to see here… well, other than the infographic above – please do see that.


*The circumstances that caused the fail have now been identified as the combination of hurried deadline, some rogue underscores & allowing @matbennett to operate mysql rather than just a pen and a moleskine notebook.


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